Established in 1963

The Big Sky Morgan Horse Association is an ever growing group of folks that share a common link, the appreciation of the wonderful Morgan horse, whose classic beauty lifts the heart and charms the soul. It is the Morgan's intelligence and hearty athleticism that propels us into the equestrian endeavors of our choice. Our members' horses represent nearly all bloodlines of the Morgan breed and they are used in many diverse ways.

    - Western Working: Cutting, Reining, Team Penning, and Working Cow Horse

    - English Sports: Eventing, Jumping, Dressage, and Combined Driving

    - Show: Hunter, English Pleasure, Western Pleasure, Ranch Horse Versatility, Western Dressage,        and Pleasure Driving

    - Carriage: Combined Driving Events (CDE) and Heritage

     - Trail Riding: Pleasure, Mountain trail, Endurance, and Competitive

  The key word is "Versatile." The Morgan horse agreeably adapts to his owner's life style: free moving and calm under western tack, elegant and aristocratic ridden in english style, companionable on a trail ride anywhere open skies beckon, a sensible partner in a long day of ranch work, or alert and eager to enter a show ring.

  The breed exists solely because it pleases people. It is their heritage since 1789. The intelligence, willingness, zest for life, and good sense of the Morgan is blended with soundness of limb, athleticism, and stamina. The Morgan is easily recognized by his proud carriage, upright graceful neck, distinctive head with expressive eyes, small, hooked ears, and a thick, wavy mane and tail. Deep bodied and compact, the Morgan has strongly muscled quarters. Morgan thriftiness and longevity have made it a good bargain for more than 215 years - easy to love and affordable to own.

The Big Sky Morgan Horse Association is an American Morgan Horse Association Accredited Member.