We have an exciting time coming up. Don’t forget the Big Sky Morgan Meeting will be held Saturday after the last class of the Ranch Horse show in Billings July 7th, 2018 
We are planning a barn party where the Morgans will be stalled. 
Pot Luck style. Let me know who’s coming and what your bringing. 
Speaking of bringing please bring a nice Montana/horse related gift item small enough to be added to a 5 gal bucket. 
We are again supporting the National Museum of the Morgan Horse. 
Also please comment and share this post. I’m beginning to think Facebook doesn’t like Horses. Seems our post are not visible 

In summary: 

Thank you
Kristen Cesnik, President


Big Morgan Horse Association
Annual Meeting February 20, 2016

Official Approved Minutes

Call to Order

President Kristen Cesnik called the meeting to order at 2:13 p.m.  Those in attendance introduced themselves and shared their birthdate.  A door prize was won by Heather Arkell because she had the birthday closest to the meeting date. 

Those in attendance were Pam Dahl, Heather Arkell, Harvey Seidel, Bobbi Blankenship, Bill Peterson, Annamae  Siegfried-Derrick, Kristen Hutchison Cesnik, Gunnar Cesnik, Sally and Erin Birkelo, Chris Holm, Lisa Spors-Murphy and Julie Van Gilder.

Minutes were read from January 26, 2013. These were the last recorded minutes of a club meeting.
Motion to accept minutes as read: Lisa Spors-Murphy.  Bill Peterson second the motion.  Motion passed unanimously.

Lisa Spors-Murphy stated that a meeting took place in April of 2014 at her home but no minutes were recorded because the club did not have a secretary at that time.

President Report
 Kristen shared details of her being elected as the club president and her work with the club to present.

 She feels that communication to club members should be via hard copy as well as social media. 

Kristen is in correspondence with AMHA regarding the creation of a face book page for club officers to share resources.  Kristen is using the Oregon Morgan Horse club as model for a successful club.  Youth divisions are seeing success within clubs; Kristen wants to create a youth division in our clubs with a chair and board.  The youth division would write an article for our club newsletter.  The AMHA recommends a youth division for clubs. 

Kristen feels the breed is suffering due to division among owners and breeders.  The AMHA discussed with Kristen the need for unification to grow the breed.  Kristen shared her perspective about club and breed growth and future with meeting attendees.

Secretary Report
               Newsletter -  Sally asked club members for a historical summary of the newsletter and for ideas for the newsletter format and publishing.  It was decided to publish a newsletter twice annually following a meeting.  The newsletter will be available in electronic copy as well as hard copy mailed members preferring this format. 
              The unofficial minutes of a meeting will be e mailed to members in attendance following the meeting.  Members will request changes if necessary and then approve minutes via e mail vote.  The official minutes will then be printed in the newsletter.

               Website- Sally reported the progress of the website and its continuing construction under a new format.

               Club Directory-   Club members were again asked for history regarding the directory. Members shared that in past directories, ads and photograph fees paid for the printing of the directory, as well as a small profit for the club.  All club members will be asked to sell a minimum of one business card ad.  Members will be listed in print within the directory as part of membership benefits; photographs would be an extra minimal fee.  Lisa and Chris have experience with creation of the directory and were asked to contribute to this project.  A date for the directory was not forecast, but all in attendance agreed that a directory is a valuable tool for the club.


Treasurer Report

The February statement has not been yet received but the account balance is $963.63

Anticipated expenses: Renewal with Secretary of State: $15.00, AMHA club fees: $ 50.00

               Anticipated income: PayPal check en route $60, Membership fees ~ $300 estimated for first half of 2016

Lisa enquired as to the spending authority of the president and club officers.  She thought all spending must be approved by vote.   The club bylaws state that any spending over $100 must be approved by club vote.
 Sally shared that she spent over that amount in 2014 without club voting approval when she was a new club secretary.  This purchase was to renew the website hosting and domain with GoDaddy and was unaware (at that time in 2014) of the bylaws.  There have been no unauthorized purchases since that transaction.

Old Business-   All old business discussion was captured within the above topics.


New Business

Election of Board of Directors:

Motion to elect Chris Holm.  Motion : Lisa Spors-Murphy, Second Bill Peterson.  Motion passed unanimously.

Motion to elect Lisa Spors Murphy, Harvey Seidel and Brianna Hartl. Motion Chris Holm, second Lisa Spors-Murphy. Motion passed unanimously

Motion to elect Bobbi Blankenship.  Motion Bill Peterson, second Kristen Cesnik.  Motion passed unanimously.

August 2016 Meeting and horse show in Kalispell
The Flathead County fair has a horse show with Morgan classes, typically the second weekend in August.  The fair and show dates have not been officially broadcast yet.  Kristen and Sally plan to show at the event; Kristen encouraged members to show at this event also.  A meeting will be held at this time as the second meeting of 2016.  The meetings are planned for a Billings January meeting and a Kalispell August meeting each year with the hope that members can attend at least one meeting within a reasonable driving proximity.  The August meeting date will be announced later.  No action taken.

Election of Officers: 

Motion to nominate Kristen Cesnik as President, Rusan Nyborg as Vice President and Sally Birkelo as Secretary and Treasurer. 
Motion: Harvey Siedel, Bill Peterson second.  Motion passed unanimously

Creation of a Youth division:  Members agree that it is a great idea.  The youth will contribute to the newsletter.   Kristen will appoint a youth director.  No action taken.

Merchandise: Kristen is in the process of inventorying the merchandise and will provide purchase opportunity when the project is ready.  The logo is available to the club for embroidering on additional items when necessary.  No action taken.


Opportunities for Morgan exposure and events:                

FFA Judging Hardin, Montana- Morgans were requested for this event. Sally and Kristen will be showing yearlings.

Potential endurance ride at Fort Howie near Ashland.  Information will be disseminated as available for this event.

Farm tours- Kristen suggested an idea for touring Morgan farms and ranches.
No action taken.

 Club Member Discussion
To honor their longtime commitment to the club and the breed, Bobbi and Kristen will sponsor a full page ad for Bill Fratt and Bill Jackson for the upcoming directory.

Bobbi had a sympathy card for former member Jerry Moline who recently lost his wife.  Meeting attendees signed the card and Bobbi will mail it.

Bill shared experience from his connections with the Oregon Club.  His daughter is affiliated with this club, which is the leading Morgan club in the nation.

The BSMHA club has a banner and other promotional materials. These would be valuable at events for booth set up but Kristen was not given these upon her presidency and the whereabouts are not known.  Members think that the former secretary may still have the items and Lisa Spors-Murphy will contact her to try to locate the items.  Kristen offered to send materials to members who attend events and wish to set a table or booth for club and breed promotion.


Motion to adjourn at 4:00 p.m.

Motion: Bobbi Blankenship, second Chris Holm.  Motion passed unanimously.


Established in 1963

To become a BSMHA member please download a member form and send to secretary.  Payment can be sent to secretary via check, money order or  with PayPal below.